Friday, May 22, 2009

Its been awhile has been FOREVER since I last updated this thing. I figured since I have some extra time at work I should update everyone :)

Well...I have FINALLY graduated from UVU with my Bachelors of Science in Community Health with a concentration in Health Educatin!! YAYAYAYA! I graduated Magna Cum Laude. That is having a GPA of 3.8 or higher! SWEET! I was pretty proud about that when I found out so I think everyone else should know the good news as well :) My last semester of school was defenately my hardest semester ever! Im so glad its over with and I never have to write papers or take tests again!

I am currently working at Complete Merchant Solutions as an Administrative Assistant! I love it! It has nothing to do with my degree but its a job for now!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!!! :)

My birthday was yesterday January 27th! I had such a great birthday! Thank you to my wonderful roommates and wonderful friends!!!! Monday night just me and my roommates went out to dinner and then tuesday the day of my birthday my roommate Cami threw me a party at our house and I think at one point there were 30 people there! It was tons of fun!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Black Purl Hand Made Knits

Hey everyone!!! Check out my sister-in-laws blog. She knits almost everything...from beanies, to booties, to scarfs, and shalls. Ive never seen such cute booties for boys and girls and she does any age. She also takes requests if you want anything custom ordered!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well.....School is in session again after the wonderful Christmas break. Its always hard to go back to school after having a few weeks off. But Luckily this is the last time ill have to go back to school after Christmas. Im officially in my LAST SEMESTER of school!!!!!!!!!! This semester will be my hardest semester of all four years of school! Im in a research methods class which all we do is write a 30... yes... THIRTY page research paper! blah! Other classes are....Foundations of Health, Epidemiology, Health Ethics, and a Death and Dying class (which has a 12 page research paper) Ill be super super busy and stressed im sure!:) Ill be graduating at the end of April. My degree will be in Community Health! I've loved these past two years of learning all about health and nutrition which I'm so interested in! For those of you who don't know I am doing my internship with the Dietitian at the Utah State Hospital. I LOVE it! I have so much fun working with her and I am learning so much, it is very very interesting working there though. The state hospital is Utah's Mental hospital so the patients we work with are quite interesting! I have lots of good stories!:)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Its been awhile!!

The bestest friends in the whole world!!!

Dawn and Baby Xander

Baby Gage on Christmas

me and Terran visiting our old work down in St. George

Heading up to Salt Lake to go Ice Skating

Cami's new glasses!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Temple Square

This time of year it is so fun to go see all the lights at temple square! I love it! I went a few weeks ago with my roommate Cami and her family. Only half of the 16 brothers and sisters she has were there! I love her family! The youngest is three almost four and she was my little buddy the whole night! PS..I know one of those pictures is really blurry...but Its kinda cool! :)

Christmas Tree Hunting

Every year my family goes and cuts down a christmas tree in the mountains! It is so fun! I look forward to it every year! And just to clear up some confusion for some do need a permit to cut down a tree! :) This year My mom, dad, my roommate Cami and I were the only ones that were able to go. I think we got a pretty good tree! It has been in my apartment for about a week...maybe two (not sure) without any decorations or a slacker and school is winding down which means its finals therefore I don't have time to do anything our tree got neglegted...Im proud to say it is decorated and has half of its lights now! Ill post pictures of the finaly tree later!